Increasing Student Support – Vice Provost Discretionary Fund

UCLA students are ambitious and eager to take on new challenges. The scholarships offered through UCLA Undergraduate Education are both incentives and rewards for students to go beyond traditional coursework to explore their academic interests, their passions, their professional aspirations, and their world. For more information about how you can help, please contact our development office at or (310) 206-3074.

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Ensuring Access and Academic Success

UCLA is committed to ensuring access to the most qualified students, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. Through UCLA Undergraduate Education, students have access to a range of programs that promote academic success:

  • Academic Advancement Program (AAP)
    Established in 1971, AAP is the nation's largest university-based diversity program serving 5,600 students historically underserved by higher education, providing personal, academic and financial counseling, and mentoring. AAP also operates the VIP Scholars program, which conducts outreach to historically underrepresented high school students to ready them for admission to competitive four-year colleges like UCLA.

  • UCLA Honors
    Designed to challenge the university's highest-achieving students, the UCLA Honors programs encourage a love of writing and thinking, interdisciplinary learning, research, team work, leadership, as well as preparation for graduate and professional schools.

Fueling Innovation

UCLA Undergraduate Education spearheads courses and minors that integrate academic disciplines and add an applied dimension to learning.

  • Undergraduate Education Initiatives
    Our innovative undergraduate programs include Freshman Clusters, Engaging Los Angeles, Fiat Lux seminars, and a Disability Studies minor.

    • Freshman Clusters
      This program includes year-long interdisciplinary courses collaboratively taught by distinguished faculty focused on a topic of timely importance, such as the global environment or interracial dynamics.

    • Engaging Los Angeles
      The Center for Community Learning helps prepare students to become tomorrow's leaders by performing meaningful work in the diverse communities of L.A., through internships and service learning courses.

    • Fiat Lux
      UCLA offers up to 200 seminars which provide students and faculty with small group settings to engage in meaningful discussions on a range of topics.

    • Disability Studies Minor
      Students in this minor graduate as future leaders who will change society's attitudes toward disability by advocating for a world that values the contributions and life experiences of the disabled, and celebrates the full range of human potential.

  • Startup UCLA
    This program at UCLA advances a culture of entrepreneurial thinking on campus by connecting students with successful alumni and leaders in the startup world. Students learn the basics of startup thinking in a community in which they can develop and launch their early-stage ideas.

Expanding Undergraduate Research Opportunities

UCLA is the only university in the country with two distinct undergraduate research centers: the Undergraduate Research Center for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the Undergraduate Research Center for the Sciences. Research opportunities enable students to take full advantage of enrolling at one of the world's top research universities by playing a direct role in creating new knowledge and solving complex problems.